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Writing an email to Human Resources

Writing an email to Human Resources

Some tips that will remind you of the importance of sending the right email to human resources when applying for a job.

By Mauricio Ruiz | Dowload PDF

Writing an email to Human Resources. Imagine finding yourself with an email from a CV that is Would you hire it?

The resume is not only important for presenting the training and experience that you have for the position that you’re postulating for.
There are many details that we should be more careful with, HR Department does, so keep up with it.

It is always said that the CV is the cover letter to get a job and that we must pay attention to all the details. From the chosen photo to the email we created to send the CV, there are certain elements of the Curriculum that can be very unprofessional.
One of the most important things that HR departments observe when receiving your Curriculum is to see the overall content of the CV and how it is structured.

So, the next time you face the challenging idea of writing an email to Human Resources think about these tips for your resume and your message:

Information is clear and simple.

Normally, more weight is given to the Studies and training and in the end, they leave the work experience. What you really want is that the information of your abilities, aptitudes, and experience is according to the position to which you are applying. It will be much quicker and easier for the recruiter to identify if you have the qualifications to assume the position.

Consistency in our information.

We do not want the recruiter to find confusing information on the dates of your work and study career. Be careful, it can be misinterpreted

Concrete and precise.

A 6 to 9 page resume can be somewhat difficult to visualize. That is why you should try to be as concise and precise as possible when presenting information about your career and studies.
Remember not to include information that the recruiter does not need to understand if you have the qualifications aptitudes for the position they are looking for

Personal information

It is very common that we forget to specify our personal contact information.
A great recommendation in this regard is to put your information, address and age under your photo, as a caption.
It will help to identify who you are more clearly.

In order to differentiate yourself from the rest and improve the visibility of your email, we recommend a different type of CV. a style with more visual and more graphic instead of just text. But if your want to make a boost your your presentation send your CV through web applications or employment applications to be able to carry out an effective search; such as

Get in touch with one of our digital recruiters to help create a high impact profile and make a real difference in your job-seeking process.

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